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Hello,nice to meet you !
I am the Senior Listing Manager penny of BitMart Exchange.
We are looking for various projects to develop together between Bitmart and projects, I’m submitting this proposal so that we can discuss the listing of your project token on our exchange platform. I Hope to cooperate with your team.

We require the following for the listing:

  1. Company certificate. If no company is involved, please provide 2 representatives to co-sign.

  2. Legal opinion (can be submitted after listing)

  3. Market maker

Integration time:

· Tokens on Eth/Tron/BSC/Solana/Stellar/Polygon/Avalanche/ Algorand/Cardano/XRP/Fantom/Aptos/Arbitrum, 5 business days.

· Customized chain 2-3 weeks.

Listing process:

Information collection - listing agreement - review and sign - payment marketing discussion and schedule for launch - list

Can I talk to the team about the details?
Email: [email protected] Telegram: @Penny_Liam

Best Regards,