Deploy Euler on XDC Network

Title: [RFC] [Deploy Euler on XDC Network]
Author(s): [Ruslan Wing]
Submission Date: [08-02-2023]

Simple Summary
(This is a pulse check with the Euler community to prioritize deploying Euler on XDC Network once the ongoing audit (supply caps and eMode) is done. Goal of the proposal is to choose XDC Network as the first expansion chain.)

(The XDC Network (formerly called XinFin Network) is an enterprise-grade, EVM-compatible blockchain equipped with interoperable smart contracts. A highly optimized, bespoke fork of Ethereum, the XDC Network reaches consensus through a delegated proof-of-stake (dPoS) mechanism, which allows for two-second transaction time, near zero gas fees, and over 2,000 transactions per second (TPS).While the consensus mechanism is proof-of-stake—and thus uses virtually no energy—validators have to perform a small proof-of-work (PoW) when proposing a new block, which makes the network highly resistant to spamming.

XDC Network is fully supporting the Euler community and its contributors on its vibrant journey and fully understands how challenging the development of a top project might be. Keeping up with the market requires intense work from the developers, management, and the community. If we add to these challenges new collaborations, there are numerous incentives to align and puzzle pieces to fit. Therefore XDC Network remains mindful of Euler’s development and plans, leaving open to Euler DAO and its community when a deployment on our chain would best fit their roadmap.

The greatest strength of XDC Network is its community and user base. XDC Network is the chain with the most active users, the transactions, and also the chain with the most unique active wallets. We believe that the chain’s greatest asset is this community.)

(The Euler deployment on XDC Network would be a full deployment of all Euler functionalities. It is up to DAO to propose which assets would be the first to be used in the lending market. We invite Euler governance to discuss this topic on this channel.)

(To ensure the success of Euler on XDC Network , XDC Network could carry out a series of initiatives and promotions. These initiatives range from joint promotion (once the minimum requirements for security and other parameters are met), AMA, and joint-twitter spaces to putting the Euler Labs team in contact with ecosystem partners. Any initiative that the Euler community believes can strengthen the position of the protocol in XDC is more than welcome to be discussed in the forum.)

(n this proposal, we have tried to present as clearly as possible what XDC Network value proposition is for Euler and how we believe that a collaboration between both projects could generate a more than positive impact on both ecosystems. . Even so, we remain at the disposal of the governance to discuss possible issues or proposals that may appear by kicking off this discussion. We hope this is the first step in a fruitful and long collaboration.)

(XDC Network Team has experience supporting and onboarding new projects into the ecosystem. As part of that process, the Euler team would have any necessary developer and marketing support to ensure a smooth and successful move.)

[/insert poll]
/Yes, in favour of the proposal
/No, against the proposal
/Modify the proposal


sorry but will be against, no liquidity or activity. Deployment will bring more trouble rather than benefit


It’s very good!

/Yes, in favour of the proposal


Euler on XDC will be a win win for both, so let do it.


There is evidence that this poll is being astroturfed. This reduces legitimacy of the proposal and violates forum rules as established in eIP45. Please refrain from doing so or else this proposal will be removed.


Yes, in favour of the proposal

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/Yes, In favour of the proposal.

Euler on XDC will definitely be a Win Win for both. While XDC Community will be able to put their funds to usage with lending and borrowing activities, Euler also will get exposure to a new network and its community.

Thanks Ruslan for putting out the proposal. We are fortunate to have you in our community and appreciate all what you do.

/Yes, in favour of the proposal

No. Will vote against. Looking at its stats shared above, doesnt make any sense either.

Also feels like a lot of things squeezed into one, not leaving me room to evaluate XDC network all the while asking me to prioritise stuff, give promises on where to first and loads more. Reads more like an ambush than a proposal. No bueno.

not sure what this means - but def don’t think it’s accurate. hard to see this being a priority atm

Big no for this one.

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very sus support comment, surely organic and real.

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Thanks Ruslan. There are some interesting possibilities here.

We’d be interested in the ability to generate a further compounded yield from the existing StorX (DCS - StorJ fork) and GoPlugin (Oracle - Chainlink fork) infrastructure we already run on XDC.

Tradfi would be an interesting consideration here. The Tradeteq TRADA tokens on XDC are a regulated product thru their SPV in Lichtenstein and I believe only work with whitelisted XDC addresses for KYC’d participants. I do remember however there were some XDC developer comments earlier on about the possibility of Xswap uniswap fork providing (unregulated) liquidity functions for Tradfi on XDC. A lending protocol like Euler would have some interesting possibilities here with the EURS and US+ stablecoins.

Protected collateral looks interesting. How would it pair with ComtechGold And KinesisMoney?

We vote yes to support deployment of Euler on XDC, however both teams need to be onboard and see benefit in the partnership for it to work. We hope that happens.

/Yes, in favour of the proposal

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/Yes please! As an XDC Validator Node Holder I would be excited to see Euler Integration on the XDC Network.

A Yes from me Ruslan. Vote in favour, would be beneficial for Validator Node holders.

I vote YES. XDC Network is an enterprise-ready chain and there are some fantastic layer 2s already on chain. Many DEX’s coming online and several projects are being developed as we speak.

Tradeteq processed $30B instruments last year with $2B revolving notes issuance. XDC is used as the part of Tradeteq’s technology stack that provides their tokenisation layer. Tradeteq is just one of the dApps built on XDC. You can find them by searching for Tradeteq and XDCTeq. (The XDCTeq prospectus shows the volume of their onchain tokenised offering TRADA).

They are TradFi rather than DeFi. The significance is that there has already been interest (and progress) in building out DeFi infrastructure on XDC to handle runoff liquidity that won’t always be in the TradFi environment.

I understand DeFiLlama won’t show Tradeteq volume as it won’t fit a strict Defi definition.

Euler has some really interesting features and the projects would complement each other well.

I do hope they work together going forwards but if not, then I’m sure the relationship will be revisited again down the track by both projects.

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then just need to bring that 30B in to crypto then, easy peasy. Don’t even need euler, everyone will go there

Interoperability and cooperation are very important in the digital landscape (hence Euler’s multi chain considerations etc).

Current central security depositories are already redundant.

Yes regulated TradFi would go through Tradeteq and their institutional competitors.

DeFi is also very important and plays a different role in a different space. The connections decrease friction and increase liquidity.

I believe Ruslan’s RFC was a good-faith attempt to make contact between the two projects. Euler should and will do what is best for the Euler protocol and regardless of the outcome of interoperability between Euler and XDC (or not), I wish Euler a good outcome as that will strengthen the whole space. Cheers

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I am very happy to have chosen the XDC network - it’s fantastic! Its high transaction speed, scalability and green credentials make it the best choice for blockchain enthusiasts. We look forward to seeing its positive impact on the future of finance and supply chain!