RFC Formalizing Multichain Deployment Process

Hey @Bobbay_StableLab, thanks for updating your proposal. As for the topics u mentioned:

  1. I see two options here:
  • gently ask the EulerLabs (ultimately, it will be up to them to deploy)
  • contract tech teams to make evaluations, but that will be additional operation and financial burden on the DAO
  1. I would prefer not to set up specific governance committees. As I can predict, out of 3 categories of proposals we have now, only one eIP will be different, so it would be possible just to add a separate category for BCH chain to discuss risk parameters.

On the other hand, I wonder will it be possible to use EUL in BSC chain (i believe it is logical to be able to bridge it) to vote? And will the EUL incentives for the BSC users be in ETH or BSC chain?

  1. I would avoid deploying on testnets since it will take necessary human resources from more pertinent tasks. If it is not necessary for successful deployment on the mainnet ofc

Thanks for the comments.

  1. I agree that EulerLabs opinion would be helpful. Other opinions would also be helpful so for now I will leave it as “TBD”. We don’t want reliance on any team.
  2. Sounds good to me, we can close the door on specific gov committees and move forward.
  3. I agree, mainnet should be a priority for now such as deploying on Optimism & Polygon etc.

Title: RFC Multichain Deployment Process

Author(s): @Bobbay_StableLab, @Matt_StableLab

Related Discussions:

Submission Date: 2/20/2023

Simple Summary:

This proposal introduces the “Multichain Deployment Process” to provide a framework and process to deploy Euler on other chains.


This proposal introduces a “Multichain Deployment Process” as a method to formalize proposals regarding Euler deploying to new chains. This will provide a clear and organized pathway for new chains to be reviewed for deployment.


With recent forum posts, there is a motivation to deploy Euler on other chains, and we need to introduce a framework to standardize this process. In the current state, there will be a lot of discrepancies between the applications, with some providing too little or unnecessary information. As a community, we can refine this template to request the relevant information for the community to make an informed decision.

Specification/Body Text:

This proposal will include a new template for multichain deployment, a new process for proposing new deployment, and a list of minimum requirements chains must meet to be considered.

Multi-chain deployment Template




Author/relation to the proposed chain:


Point of contact(POC):

This will be the POC at the proposed chain through which the Euler Community will request further information.

Overview of Proposal:

Description of the proposal, including timeline, team, and benefits to Euler


How does this proposal benefit the Euler ecosystem? Why is the proposed chain ideal for Euler? What solutions does it provide to users?

Grant Application:

Did you apply for an Euler Grant? (Approved/ Rejected/ Did not apply)

Non-Technical Evaluation

  1. TVL on the Chain
  2. Amount of protocols on the chain
  3. (#) of unique addresses on the chain
  4. (#)of new users joining in the past 90 days
  5. (#) of unique addresses executing a transaction in the past 30,60 and 90 days.
  6. Average gas fee in the past 30 days


Why did you choose this specific chain? What benefits does it provide over other chains? Do you have support (foundation or grant)? Will any incentives be provided to attract users?

Market Fit

What other borrowing/lending markets already exist? What is their TVL? Why would Euler be a good addition? What TVL do you anticipate Euler to have?


Will you use a native bridge or a third party for cross-chain messaging? Provide a rationale for your choice.

Deployment Details

What will be the expected deployment cost?

What is the expected timeline for deployment?

How will Euler need to change to deploy to the proposed chain?

can it use a permissionless oracle? Will permissionless listing be possible? Etc…

Who will maintain the protocol after deployment?

Does the Euler Labs team need to dedicate more people to working on the new chain full-time?

How will the deployment be marketed?

Will the new chain help with promoting Euler’s deployment?

Technical Considerations

What technicalities are required to deploy on the chain? Are they available? E.g. Price feed, oracles etc.

Security Considerations

Discuss the security implications/considerations relevant to deploying on your chain of choice.

Decentralization Metrics

How many node operators are there? How distributed are node operators? How many addresses own 50% of the chain’s token? How many of these are foundation addresses?


This will follow the current EulerDAO governance process.

  1. Post a forum post using the multichain deployment template

  2. Title the post “RFC Deploying Euler to XYZ Chain” with the tags “RFC” and “eIP”

  3. Add a temperature check poll at the bottom of the post.

  4. After the temperature check is passed and 7 days have gone by since the original posting, make the following changes:

  5. Repost the proposal as a new comment in the same thread with any changes suggested by the community.

  6. Change the title to “eIP ## Deploying Euler to XYZ Chain.

1. Where ## is the next sequential number of eIP
2. Where XYZ is the chain name
  1. Change thread tags to “Formal Submission” and “eIP”

  2. After two days in the formal submission stage anyone with at least 500 EUL can post the proposal to snapshot.

  3. The proposal thread tags should then be changed to “live vote” and “eIP”

  4. After the snapshot vote ends the tags should be changed to “eIP” and “voted proposal”

  5. After a successful snapchat vote, the Euler Labs team will start the deployment process

  6. After a failed snapshot vote no further action is needed. The proposal can be modified and submitted after a ten-day waiting period.

Guideline Minimum Standards

These are guidelines. These are the minimum requirements a chain must meet to be considered for deployment..

  1. At least $100M in TLV
  2. At least $5M in daily volume
  3. At least 5,000 daily active users
  4. A strong oracle or new governance system in place to manage asset tiers/listings

These standards are up for discussion and can be amended. If there is a first-mover advantage for Euler to launch on another chain, this should be considered a large contributing factor.


Expanding to other Alt L1s and L2s has been a reoccurring discussion in Euler for the past couple of months. Euler Governance has the power to deploy Euler on another chain; therefore, token holders must have sufficient information to distribute this license.

In creating a multi-chain deployment guide, the Euler community should request a level of information that enables token holders to make an informed decision when choosing to deploy Euler on other chains. The non-technical evaluation provides enough information to gain a superficial understanding of the chain. A technical assessment, supplemented by TBD, will provide enough information to make an informed decision.

Expected Impact


  • This introduces an official process for authors to follow to deploy Euler on other Chains.
  • The community agrees on a standard evaluation template
  • Reduces discrepancies between applications


  • This makes the deployment process longer.
  • The amount of information requested might deter applicants.

Overall, the pros outweigh the cons as this introduces a sustainable process to deploy Euler on other chains.

Next steps

Gather community feedback to refine this process, discuss minimum standards chains must meet, and discuss the possibility of a working group to help manage this process. Then push this proposal to a Snapshot vote.

If this proposal passes, this will be recognized as the official process to deploy Euler on another chain. An author has to use the relevant template. Otherwise, the application will be considered void.

We recommend pinning the process up within the governance forums.

Relevant Links:


Doing another temp check since the proposal has undergone some changes.

  • Yes, in favor of the proposal
  • No, against the proposal
  • Modify the proposal

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Would be great if we could get more votes on the temp check above as this is a somewhat time-sensitive proposal.