[Grant Proposal] Euler Finance Integration In Texochat

We are requesting 8500 USD to integrate Euler Finance’s Market (Lending & Borrowing Protocol) to Texochat.

About Texochat?

Texochat is a blockchain based messaging app. Our aim is to develop a safe and simple communication platform while providing crypto rich features like wallet, dex, staking, rewarding, airdrop, and more.

Texochat ecosystem is supported & boosted by Texo token. We are partnered with Nuls, Velas, & Lido.fi .

Proposal Description

Texochat has users from all other chains and our target is to bring around 60K users within a 8 months from mainnet launch. Allowing them to get easy access of Euler Finance’s Market where users can borrow or deposit supported coins through their Texochat wallet.

Currently Texochat is supported & backed by LidoFi’s staking protocol, Velas & Nuls blockchain.

How It WIll Benefit Euler Finance?

By integrating Euler Finance market to Texochat it will get exposure from users from different chains and more people get interested to invest in it.

It will

  • bring more users or wallet addresses to Euler Finance
  • bring more TVL to EF
  • bring more lenders and borrowers

Team Profile

Akhilesh Mishra - Texochat founder
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/akhileshmishratxo
Twitter: https://twitter.com/mishraritz