Partnership Proposals from TaskOn Team

Title: [RFC] [Partnership Proposals from TaskOn Team]
Author(s): [William]
Submission Date: [Mar 7th 2023]

Simple Summary
This is William from TaskOn, a Free Web3 version Gleam platform ideal for marketing and operations. I am reaching out here for collaboration to help you with user growth!

TaskOn supports 20 multiple chains & various task templates. In addition to social media/community tasks, it also supports product operation/transaction tasks with “API-Verified Task” function!
Widely welcomed by Web3 Users & Projects. Since Oct, 2022, our Twitter has achieved 70K followers, which can help projects attract more active users. We have cooperated with more than 300 projects, partners are rapidly increasing, so we can introduce them to you for joint activities too!

For now, we provide full services without fees requirements!

  1. Joint Campaign Support (Free Service), we work as a service provider, help with banner design, campaign listing & promotion, case here:

  2. Marketing Tool Support (Free Service), we could support your events with your partners as marketing tools like Gleam, case here :

  3. Deal Flow Sharing (Free Service), TaskOn will host carnivals with long term partners during special festivals, case here:

Relevant Links
Official Website:
Discord: TaskOn
DECK: Deck - Google Drive

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