Plan for Redemption of Euler Funds

The more I think about it, the more annoyed I get that Euler Labs is really botching this reimbursement plan. They have far more than enough funds between recovered assets, sherlock insurance payment, reserves and Treasury to resolve this in a way that gets all depositors back their original collateral assets (after debt either paid back or debited from the collateral deposited) and still plenty of funding left in the Treasury to relaunch the protocol if that their intention. This should not need to be a acrimonious negotiation or legal battle between depositors and the team. It was Euler Labs that screwed up by introducing the bug (and the auditor’s fault as well, but they already paid for it) and it is well within their power to make this right and still resume the protocol. AsJulian said above, they should value their social and reputational capital over maximizing their monetary capital. It not just the ethical thing to do, it is the better business decision if they want to continue operating in the Web3 space