Special Announcement

From: The Euler Foundation
To: The Euler Community


On 13 March 2023, approximately $200 million in assets were unlawfully extracted from the Euler Protocol via an exploit of vulnerable code. Yesterday, following successful negotiations, all recoverable funds were returned.

The return represents one of the largest recoveries of stolen assets in blockchain history. It follows an intensive investigation involving collaboration between security professionals, law enforcement, and community volunteers.

As a result of this development, the community investigation has now formally concluded. Since the exploiter returned funds as promised, the $1 million reward campaign will no longer be accepting information.

Over the past three weeks, the patience and support of Euler users have been invaluable as everyone involved navigated through an exceptionally challenging situation. A plan for the restoration of user assets will be laid out in the coming days for review and consideration by the Euler community.

Thank you,

The Euler Foundation