[RFC] Introducing Yacht, a native mobile interface for Euler

We’ve been working on a mobile app called Yacht and are very excited to share it with you first.

Yacht is the perfect mobile companion for the Euler protocol and enables you to view your account information and receive critical push notifications. Use Yacht to stay updated on market conditions and hopefully take action to avoid liquidation and maximize yield.

In this first version, you’ll be able to enter your ETH address to view your supplies and borrows, set notifications for any of your Euler accounts’ healthscores and also notifications for any changes to an asset’s supply and borrow APY.

We’ll be expanding to other ETH lending protocols in the future, but we love the tech and team behind Euler and wanted to build a tool for the community to use and begin to feel the power of truly mobile DeFi.

Privacy is at the core of DeFi and it’s at the core of Yacht too. We’re not collecting any personal information here or in our app besides your email for this beta TestFlight link. The app itself will not require any email to signup and use. We only use data that’s publicly available on the blockchain and do not store the personal info of any of our users.

We’d love to get you on the Yacht to try it out and give feedback. We want to bring users the best DeFi mobile experience and that won’t be possible without involvement from the community.

If you would like to try Yacht, fill out this quick survey and we’ll send you a TestFlight invite later this week.

Check out the app, and leave any comments below about what you like, don’t like, and what else you would want to see in Yacht.