What should we do to to restart our community?

I mean like PR, MKT and Community Running.

You cannot make Euler great again without reboosting our community.

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Hey @chainguys - Charlie from Anthias Labs here. This is a great conversation to start. I think it is likely that community engagement will be much higher once V2 is launched. However, as that time gets closer, it could be interesting to look into incentive programs around governance/forum/general community participation, etc. This could also be a good time to revisit the discussion around Recognized Delegates–another potential way to incentivize greater community participation, specifically in governance.

As a side note, we attended the Euler V2 comeback event at ETH Denver and are happy to report the community is looking excellent :ok_hand:


That’s great to hear.

You know, so many bots in discord, not real users, this really bothers me lol.

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Hey @alisha.eth, what are your thoughts on this here, we have tried to implement this multiple times in the post but failed :disappointed:

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Hi @0xBaer, once the protocol is relaunched it will become much easier to execute on different initiatives to engage a broader community — across builders, users, and governance.

My (very opinionated) take is that governance incentives shouldn’t focus on improving governance engagement, but supporting the development of a superior protocol that attracts stakeholders who then participate in governance because it is important for the protocol. For this reason, I think it is premature to implement a Recognized Delegates program before relaunch, but definitely see it as an option once the protocol is relaunched and governance becomes more active.

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