eIP 26: Promote cbETH to Collateral tier


This is to promote cbETH to collateral tier.


The following specific changes are proposed:

  • Increase collateral factor (CF) to 0.70
  • Increase borrow factor (BF) to 0.80
  • Decrease reserve factor (RF) to 0.05
  • Amend oracle from Univ3 TWAP to Chainlink
  • Amend the IR model to the same as wstETH

Further discussion can be found in the RFC:


Options are:

  • YES - implement the changes above
  • NO - do not implement the changes above


Link to voting here: Snapshot

Voting concluded with unanimous agreement and participation far above quorum on 17 November already and cbETH liquidity has only been improving in the meantime; might I ask when this parameter change will be implemented?

So this requires an introduction of supply caps, which is due to be audited by end of January. So should be done by end of this month.

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