eIP 30: Upgrading to ChainLink Oracles for several Markets

Upgrading to ChainLink Oracles for several Markets

Authors: SNX Ambassadors

Related Discussions: This proposal follows the RFC here

Submission Date: 21st / Nov / 2022

Simple Summary

This proposal calls for changing the price feed for several markets to Chainlink. It is submitted by Millie, a member of the Synthetix Ambassadors.


Introduce the following ChainLink Oracles for these markets:


Upgrading the price feed of the above mentioned markets to ChainLink - from the current UniswapV3 TWAP oracles - will ensure that the security of these markets will be of the highest standard and will enable healthy lending and borrowing.

Given that there are Chainlink feeds available for those markets, it’s in the best interest of Euler Protocol to upgrade them from the current oracles. Their current oracle ratings range from reliable to somewhat reliable to unreliable in some instances, because of the poor liquidity in many of their ETH pairs on Uniswap V3. In some cases the main liquidity source for the assets isn’t even on Uniswap but rather on Curve (BUSD, sUSD, GUSD, CRV).

Introducing ChainLink oracles for LRC, RLC, XCN, ALCX, BAL, sUSD, GUSD, CRV, BUSD and WBTC will increase Euler security and allow for more efficient lending/borrowing practices for those markets.

Specification & Implementation:

Upgrade the price feed of the mentioned assets in this eIP to ChainLink using the available oracles in ChainLink’s Data Feeds.

This oracle alternative was made possible by the recently passed eIP 14 and the implementation is similar to that called for in eIP 16.


  • Yes – Change the above markets to Chainlink oracles
  • No – the above markets should find an alternative oracle.


Link to voting here


Proposing to escalate the WBTC feed to an emergency snapshot poll. There are some concerns about the current WBTC/BTC peg and that it’s not reflecting in the current Euler WBTC oracle.

In order to mitigate any potential risk to the protocol I think we should expedite that portion of this proposal to a new vote which will lasts 24hrs.

Some context below:

Screen Shot 2022-11-24 at 11.29.39 AM

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did anybody deploy this contract already on mainnet?