eIP 35: Claiming and Delegating SAFE Airdrop

Title: eIP 35: Claiming and Delegating SAFE Airdrop
Author: @Matt_StableNode, Bobbay_StableNode
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Submission Date: December 12, 2022


Safe DAO (formerly Gnosis Safe) airdropped their new $SAFE token to users of their multi-sig safes. Euler must claim their airdrop and delegate to an external wallet by December 27th, 2022. This proposal aims to claim the airdrop before the deadline and self-delegate the $SAFE tokens via the multi-sig before deciding on a future delegate.


Euler uses a SAFE multi-sig smart contract wallet to hold treasury assets. This made Euler eligible to receive 7,972.59 SAFE tokens. These tokens give holders voting power in SafeDAO. This will allow Euler to have a say in Safe Governance and help to ensure the protocol moves in a positive direction, keeping the Euler treasury safe. This proposal aims to first claim the airdrop before deciding on a delegate.


It is beneficial for Euler to participate in SafeDAO to make sure Safe remains a good tool to use to keep the Euler treasury in.

Since multiple delegates are vying for the SAFE delegation, the format of this proposal allows the Euler community to first claim the airdrop before deciding which delegate they want to delegate to. This will ensure Euler is able to claim before the deadline.

Specification & Implementation:

To implement this Euler would claim Safe Tokens and self-delegate the $SAFE tokens via the multi-sig.


Option A: Euler claims and self-delegates the $SAFE tokens via the multi-sig
Option B: Euler does not claim SAFE airdrop



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Thanks, Matt. Are you in the Discord? We discussed this last week, and general consensus is to move forward with a Snapshot vote to claim and self-delegate the $SAFE tokens via the multi-sig (not to miss the deadline).

From there, governance will decide who our delegate will be, given we’ll have more time to evaluate potential delegates then.

@Matt_StableNode Hi! Could u please update your proposal in accordance with what @defioperator.eth highlighted so that we could proceed to the voting phase?

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Hi @Raslambek I’ve just updated the proposal to match what @defioperator.eth previously discussed. Thanks for helping move this to snapshot!


Much appreciation to @Matt_StableNode - highly responsive on Discord and a quick turnaround on the updated proposal. This is a good example of Stable Labs acting in the best interests of Euler.

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