[RFC] Delegate SAFE Airdrop to Stable Lab

Title: Delegating SAFE Airdrop to Stablelab.eth
Author: @Matt_StableNode, Bobbay_StableNode
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Submission Date: December 6, 2022


Safe DAO (formerly Gnosis Safe) airdropped their new $SAFE token to users of their multi-sig safes. Euler must claim their airdrop and delegate to an external wallet by December 27th, 2022. We propose Euler delegates their $SAFE to Stablelab.eth.


Euler uses a SAFE multi-sig smart contract wallet to hold treasury assets. This made Euler eligible to receive 7,972.59 SAFE tokens. Half of this $SAFE will be received upon claiming and half will vest over the next four years. $SAFE tokens give holders voting power in SafeDAO. This will allow Euler to have a say in Safe Governance and help to ensure the protocol moves in a positive direction, keeping the Euler treasury safe.

However, staying active in another protocol’s governance can be time-consuming and difficult to manage. We propose Euler delegates their SAFE to Stablelab.eth to ensure their voting power in SafeDAO is actively managed by a team of experienced governance analysts to ensure Euler’s best interest is represented in SafeDAO.


It is beneficial for Euler to participate in SafeDAO to make sure Safe remains a good tool to use to keep the Euler treasury in. However, it can be time-consuming to stay up to date with the inner workings of a DAO. The core team at Euler most likely does not have the time to stay actively engaged in SAFE DAO. For this reason, we suggest Euler delegates their Safe to Stablelab.eth as Stable Lab is a professional delegate company that will actively manage Euler’s Safe voting power and work toward protecting Euler’s best interests in Safe DAO.

Who is Stable Lab

StableLab, under StableNode, is a governance research and product development company. Using research and hands-on experience, we aim to advance standards in decentralized governance. Our team has been in the space for many years, both in research and as core contributors to protocols such as MakerDAO.

We are focused on supporting protocols to reach a safe and sustainable level of decentralization. There is no one-size-fits-all approach but a framework of principles and tools that we have built with our experience.

Our core values:

  • Active: We participate in every aspect of the governance process, ranging from presenting proposals, providing feedback in the forums, and active voting.
  • Research: Our decisions are backed by scientific research.
  • Trust: We act unbiased and transparent, according to our code of conduct, driven by a strong set of ethics and values.

Where Stable Lab works

Stable Lab currently acts as a delegate for Maker, Aave, Balancer, Optimism, Jet, Element Finance, Safe, 1inch, Hop, Paladin, and Euler. We have a team of governance analysts that work together to ensure we are active and informed delegates in all the DAOs we work with.

Stable Lab’s Special Roles

MakerDAO: 2nd Recongized Delegate

Optimism DeFi Committee A: Committee member

Element Finance: Operations Lead & 2nd GSC member

Compound Grants Committee: Domain allocator (Multichain)

Our voting history can be seen here on boardroom or on our notion tracker.

Why Choose Stable Lab

Stable Lab has a governance team dedicated to actively participating in DAO governance. We are consistently engaged in community discussions and provide reasonings for every vote.

We place a focus on meaningfully participating in each DAO that we work in. In addition to voting, commenting, and presenting proposals, we take on active leadership roles in these communities. Through these leadership positions and the many proposals we author, we are able to initiate positive change across the DeFi ecosystem.

Our commitment to providing value to DAO governance is what allowed us to grow to be one of the largest delegates in many DAOs and serve on important committees in others. For example, in both MakerDAO and Element Finance, we started with very little delegation and are now the top delegates in both protocols.

One way we provide more value than the traditional delegate is by authoring proposals in the DAOs we work in. Stable Lab recently authored successful proposals in 1inch, Hop, Element Finance, and Jet. We are able to identify the needs of the DAO, draft professional and well-thought-out proposals, and then garner the support of the communities to pass them. This allows us to present new ideas and help the DAOs progress toward their ultimate goals.

Finally, our governance analyst @Matt_StableNode is our lead delegate for both Euler and Safe. This would allow easy communication and ensure that our team understands what would be in the best interest of Euler when it came to SafeDAO votes. Alongside Matt, the rest of our governance team will also provide support to both Safe and Euler.

Specification & Implementation:

To implement this Euler would claim Safe Tokens and delegate them to Stablelab.eth. Stable lab would then use this voting power to represent Euler in SafeDAO.

Additionally, Stable lab would be happy to provide our reasonings for all SafeDAO votes to the Euler community to keep us accountable to Euler and prove we are working in Euler’s best interest.


Voting YES entails claiming the SAFE airdrop and delegating the votes to Stablelab.eth

Voting No entails not claiming the SAFE airdrop.

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