[eIP 48] January Oracle Change Discussion

As per this eIP, we’re going to discuss which assets we’d like to replace with which oracle. This will be done on a monthly basis.

Below, in comments, please discuss any assets that you’d like to change the oracle of.

Please read eIP 40 RFC Schedule rolling monthly oracle change discussions & votes

Specification and Implementation
Discuss below. Each asset will be a comment. Any asset that is agreed on will be added to the end of month vote. Assets that are not agreed on will be pushed to next month’s discussion.

The assets will be finalised 10 days before the end of the month. A vote will start no fewer than 7 days before the end of the month.

The discussion will close on the 21st of January and the vote shall begin on the 24th of January.


I will start. ENJ should be switched to chainlink to improve protocol security.

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#DAOStewards support this proposal

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KP3R has recently been activated on Euler. Let’s switch it to chainlink too

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So for this month we have ENJ and KP3R. Great.


eIP48: January Oracle Change. Change ENJ and KP3R oracle to Chainlink.

Authors: @river0x, @Raslambek
Submission date: 24.01.2023

In accordance with eIP 40: Schedule rolling monthly oracle change discussions & votes, at the beginning of January a discussion was opened regarding what assets’ oracles should be changed.

During the month members of the DAO expressed interest to change EnjinCoin (ENJ) and Keep3rV1 (KP3R) to ChainLink oracle.


YES - Implement changes

NO- Do not Implement changes