RFC Schedule rolling monthly oracle change discussions & votes

Title: Schedule rolling monthly oracle change discussions & votes

Authors: River / Raslambek

Related Discussions: N/A

Submission Date: Q1 2023


This proposal calls for a once monthly asset oracle discussion post to be scheduled (on the first of each month) with the vote of the outcome of the discussion to be held on the first day of the final week of each month.


Countless Uniswap V3 → Chainlink oracle posts are discussed in this forum. This is a great thing: it promotes protocol security. Nonetheless, in the interests of keeping the forum clean and engaged while always trending towards minimising governance, it would be preferable to schedule these votes to once a month.

This would have the following advantages:

  • It would clean the forums by reducing the number of separate posts needed
  • It would centralise discussion into one forum, ensuring that no assets are missed
  • It would reduce voter apathy by decreasing the number of votes required to take over the course of the month
  • It would ensure that other important discussions are not crowded out by these fairly repetitive (but important) proposals

Of course, exemptions for fast track oracle changes can always be made. We should be proud of the perception and intelligence of our growing community in how we acted during EIP31.

Specification & Implementation

Starting January 1st, 2023, I suggest we begin with an asset oracle post.

One week before the end of January, 2023 (i.e. the 24th of January), a vote shall be taken to move all agreed upon assets to the desired oracle.

This will be rolling monthly in February, March, April etc. and each vote will begin one week before the end of a month.

I will implement these myself each month (or should I be absent have delegated it to another DAO member). A fast track exemption like EIP31 will be allowed for should the DAO deem it necessary.


  • Yes, implement this rolling monthly oracle discussion and vote
  • No, keep the oracle discussions as they are

Thanks for this @river0x and @Raslambek

Generally in favor of processes like this. One question regarding:

Is there an actual process for fast-tracking today? If not, I think it would be worth including one in this proposal so we knock all of this out in one shot.

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Hey! Thanks for your comment. Indeed the fast track procedure should be designed. There was a discussion on this matter approx a month ago [RFC] Governance Procedure for Extraordinary Situations. However the general sentiment was to postpone the practical steps until the Active Delegates Proposal is approved and implemented.
Since it could take quite some time, I suppose that it would be better to deal with these topics separately.


thank you for the proposal @river0x. two questions tho

i. do you plan to keep this vote as a gated discord poll or are there plans to add third party integrations to forum for gating? just thinking from the perspective of sybil resistance

ii. do you suggest that we vote on each asset individually? or there is a recommendation for each asset in the form of a list and that we vote on this recommendation?

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i. I don’t follow you here - oracle changes are voted on in snapshot. Discord polls aren’t a part of the question

ii. to reduce friction, i believe we should vote only once. any assets that are not agreed upon will roll into the next month’s discussion.

thanks for these points jojo - what do you think?


makes sense. thank you

Since there is no major dissent with the proposal, I believe it has passed the temperature check and can be moved to an eIP stage. Thank you all for your feedback.

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We’ll vote on this tomorrow! Thanks.