eIP 57 Euler Foundation Operational Funding

Vote Status Passed
Voting begins January 25, 2024
Submitted December 15, 2023
Author @alisha.eth (Euler Foundation)

eIP 57 Euler Foundation Operational Funding


This proposal requests $400k in USDC and 5,000 EUL to fund a multisig controlled by the Directors of the Euler Foundation to cover operational expenses of the Euler Foundation for a period of 12 months.


To date, payments made by the Foundation have been approved in DAO proposals, passed on Snapshot. In order to improve operational efficiency of the Foundation, and minimise voter fatigue, the Foundation is requesting the DAO fund a multisig, controlled by the Foundation Directors, to cover expenses related to the operation and administration of the Foundation for a 12 month period.

The multisig is a 2 of 3 multisig. The Directors will account for 2 of the signers. The other signer will be an agent of the of Directors, appointed at the discretion of the Directors.

USDC Request

The Foundation is requesting $400k USDC.

The funds are expected to be used to cover the payment of day to day operations and service providers that provide services related to the operation and administration of the DAO and/or the Euler Foundation.

Examples of expenses incurred by the Foundation, based on the past 12 months, include but are not limited to:

  • Legal services
  • Professional Directors
  • Professional service firms
  • Technical infrastructure providers

Where USDC in the multisig is withdrawn to a fiat bank account, the Foundation will attest to quarterly statements and provide these attestations to the DAO.

EUL Request

The Foundation is requesting 5,000 EUL.

Distributions of EUL will be made in the interest of facilitating governance participation and activity within the Euler DAO.


Fund the multisig 0x967B10c27454CC5b1b1Eeb163034ACdE13Fe55e2 with the following:
400k USDC
5,000 EUL


Hi! May I ask how much was allocated to the foundation in the previous 12 months?

Previously, expenses were paid from the treasury wallet as they were incurred. The run rate of the Foundation’s expenses is roughly $300k per year. Although the Foundation does not expect this to rise materially in 2024, by passing this proposal there will be additional funds available to the Directors if required.

Thank you for clarifying. Tbh, Im not sure about additional funds since the protocol has not been operational since March. Probably,

improve operational efficiency of the Foundation, and minimise voter fatigue

could be explained more for the DAO to understand better the use of funds

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We are expecting a very active 2024 for the Foundation with the relaunch of Euler. The goal is to have enough funds in the multisig to cover any and all expenses that could possibly arise in the coming year.

In the event that the proposal is not passed, Foundation directors will still need to cover Foundation expenses from the DAO’s treasury. This new multisig approach is an attempt to improve transparency around Foundation expenditure.

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Completely agree! Protocol not in operation for >9 months, dont see why DAO need to pay right now this amount to euler foundation considering that previously these funds came from the treasury.

It seems logical that the absence of this payment will encourage foundation/team more to restart the protocol so that the treasury is replenished again to pay these costs.

Dont trust, verify! Show some action first, not just words.

Euler Updates
The comeback has officially kicked off. The Euler Labs team just announced the Ethereum Vault Connector. There is a tweet thread and a blog post with more information.

Vote Timing
I anticipate putting this proposal to a vote the week of January 22nd. If there are token holders interested in voting, I would encourage you to make sure your EUL is in a wallet you are able to vote with before the end of next week.

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This proposal is now live for voting on Snapshot.

In support of this and making sure the foundation has enough resources to MEGA :slight_smile:

Please provide proof, that you represent the actual euler foundation.

  • new forum user, signed up 1 day before requesting 400k
  • new multisig, not related at all to any known address as far as i can see, created from a random wallet funded by binance

Thanks for your vigilance, @AltoOptimo . We can confirm that alisha.eth is indeed a Special Advisor to the Euler Foundation. The Euler Foundation owns and controls the wallet: 0x967B10c27454CC5b1b1Eeb163034ACdE13Fe55e2.
We endorse the proposal and reiterate that this is not new spending. It is the first step in streamlining operations and providing more transparency as Euler gears up for an exciting year of developments.

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eIP 57 has passed. The Foundation has been funded with $400k USDC and 5k EUL. Thank you to everyone who voted. This is an important step to reactivate the Foundation ahead of a big year for Euler!

View the Euler Foundation multisig HERE.