Penn Blockchain (FranklinDAO) Delegate Thread

Penn Blockchain (FranklinDAO) Delegate Thread


  • Address: 0x070341aA5Ed571f0FB2c4a5641409B1A46b4961b
  • ENS: FranklinDAO.eth
  • Twitter: @PennBlockchain


Hello everyone! We’re Penn Blockchain/FranklinDAO a leading, completely student run blockchain organization with students from The University of Pennsylvania’s undergraduate and graduate schools. We have over 200 general body members and are expecting many more in the semesters to come!

We have committees covering Governance, Research, Education, Investments, and Development/Web3. On the governance side of things, our team has different members leading governance initiatives for different protocols we have delegations for. Current delegations include Aave, Compound, Uniswap, DyDx, Optimism, Maker, etc. Each week, governance leads will share updates with the club about new proposals and we will all debate about what to do before voting with our wallet.

Core Values

We are deeply committed to preserving defi’s core values, and will gear our voting decisions based on:

  1. Transparency: Committed to ensuring transparency of the protocol, and transparency about our decision-making process. We are committed to acting independently without external influence from third-parties. We’re always open to answering questions related to our votes on proposals, and will have a running thread up shortly to publicly display our opinions on votes.
  2. Sustainability: We are committed to ensuring the long term sustainability and health of the DAOs we participate in and aim to help them steward their native protocols in perpetuity.
  3. Inclusivity: Forging the best ideas requires diversity, fairness, and education, and we will strive to encourage these.

Why us?

We’d love to be your Euler delegate as many of us have been closely following the protocol for a while now and would like to get more involved. Our weekly discussions combine graduates with years of expertise in many jurisdictions with many bright minded undergrads eager to leave their impact and names in Web3. We have upheld a 95%+ participation rate across all the other protocols we are delegates for and plan to spend a lot of time here as well to help build out the ecosystem!

I confirm that:

  • I am willing and able to participate in governance of the upcoming DAO. I understand this is an ongoing role that requires active participation: Agree
  • I understand that delegates are unpaid volunteers. Being a delegate does not qualify me for immediate payment in tokens: Agree
  • I understand that becoming a delegate is a significant commitment: Agree

Chads, Good to see the Penn blockchain team getting scores on the board at Euler Finance. Supportive from my end, but keen to see you involved more in discussions, especially in light of this recent proposal.

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100% Look to see us getting more involved in 2023!:slight_smile:

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eIP 42 Delegating SAFE Airdrop

We voted Delegate $SAFE to StableLab: We are passively active in the Safe ecosystem and have been keeping track of things there for a while now. We believe that Stablelab has shown initiative and a good track record, and for now should benefit from Euler Protocol’s delegation.

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