Blockchain@Columbia Delegate Platform

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ENS name: blockchaincolumbia.eth

Forum usernames:
@joke (Discord: kitkat#7314)
@digama (Discord: Digama#1095)

Reasons for delegation:

Governance in DeFi protocols is a crucial aspect of the industry that deserves more recognition and attention. There is a lack of governance participation in many protocols due to information overload, apathy, etc. Blockchain@Columbia’s governance team aims to represent these idle funds and help ensure Euler’s success.

Our Core Values:

Further educate Blockchain@Columbia about Euler Finance
Advise and support Euler with Treasury Management initiatives
Establish dynamic exchanges between innovative teams, its partners, and other delegated protocols to further encourage Web-3 growth and partnership.
Web3 interests: Choose ≤ five from the following set. List them as comma-separated values as your answer, like: “A, B, C”.

With a diverse student body ranging from coders to researchers, we believe that our members have experience and interest in nearly every aspect listed below:
Accessibility, Bridges, Cryptography, DAOs, Data and analytics, DeFi, Developer tools, Economics, Events, Environment, Gaming, Governance, Identity, Infrastructure, Legal, Messaging, Music, NFTs, Oracles, Privacy, Security, Social impact, Visual art, Wallets, Writing, Zero knowledge

We confirm that:

We are willing and able to participate in governance of the upcoming DAO. We understand this is an ongoing role that requires active participation: Agree

We understand that delegates are unpaid volunteers. Being a delegate does not qualify us for immediate payment in tokens: Agree

We understand that becoming a delegate is a significant commitment: Agree

Our Web3 qualifications:

Blockchain@Columbia is Columbia University’s premier non-profit blockchain organization focusing on educating and empowering crypto builders, researchers, and creators. We launched the first student group DAO, Lion DAO, in 2021. Some DAO activities include a grants program that encourages students to participate in Uniswap, dYdX, & Compound governance. Our annual conference, Ledgerfest, focused on crypto and web3 founders from Arbitrum, Polygon, Cosmos, Drift, Audius, and more! We host weekly speakers like Aave Founder Stani, Nansen Founder Alex, and we host weekly technical blockchain and development workshops. This spring we organized a 3-day hackathon, Lionhack, for students and other builders in the space to help onboard more people to crypto and incubate new projects in the space.

Given our experience in our own DAO’s governance as well as in Uniswap, Compound, and dYdX, we believe that we are strongly equipped to act as a neutral and effective governance delegate for the Euler Community.

Current governance delegations: Aave, Compound, dYdX, Hop Protocol, MakerDAO, Optimism, Uniswap

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Delegate Introductions:
Andrew is a member of Blockchain at Columbia and has worked closely with other delegation teams. His previous research focused on selfish mining attacks on proof-of-work chains, as well as privacy-preserving primitives for artificial intelligence which won the IBM blockchain cyberdefense competition. He is particularly passionate about contributing to new innovations in DeFi primitives and enhancing existing ones. As a delegate, his research and security expertise can be valuable assets to the Euler DAO, and we are excited to contribute to the protocol’s growth over time.
Interests: Infrastructure, DeFi, Identity, Security, Zero knowledge

Ketan has been involved with blockchains for the past 3 years. He worked on simulation tools and statistical modeling of mining dynamics for proof of work blockchains based on the work of Eyal Sirer, the cofounder of Avalanche and similar to the work done at Gauntlet. Ketan’s projects in the blockchain space include bringing generative AI art NFTs on chain in the Arbitrum ecosystem and building a peer to peer trading platform for cloud compute built on Ethereum using the XMTP messaging protocol. Currently Ketan and Andrew are exploring ways to tackle bots and spam in Web3 using zero knowledge machine learning.
Interests: Zero knowledge, Oracles,Identity, DAOs, Privacy