Raslambek Delegate Thread

Name: @Raslambek

Delegate Address: 0xa6C177dcBD481a3138d858022B3F2Fe184793778

Discord: Raslambek#1302

Who Am I

Crypto enthusiast since 2017. I joined Euler as a Discord Community-Mod in February 2022. After the Euler protocol chose the path towards true decentralization and handed over the decision-making power in hands of the DAO I continued performing moderation duties on a voluntary basis.

Active Delegate - since December 2022.

Public delegate - since June 2022.

Euler Community member - since November 2021.

My Approach

  1. Adherence to the founding principles: Euler was designed as a permissionless and decentralized protocol with high risk standards. These shall remain intact.
  2. Impartiality: Before making the final decisionI I take into account all opinions of the DAO members.
  3. Transparency: My rationale behind any decision is public.
  4. Scrutiny: Any proposal should be properly discussed and examined.


So far Euler is the most advanced lending protocol in terms of functionality and risk. The strategic aim is to build a comprehensive ecosystem with its own DEX and oracles. Thus Euler should become the first self-sufficient and independent Defi protocol.

Conflict of Interest

I testify that I have no formal relations with or receive payments from any of the Euler’s competitors. If any conflict of interest occurs in the future I will immediately notify the DAO.



Motivation: Diversification of the treasury and expanding of the FX market.


Motivation: Increased resistance of the gauges system against gamification and manipulation.


Motivation: This should increase attractiveness of several markets thus raising competitiveness of Euler protocol in comparison to other lending protocols.


Motivation: Support to build risk management tools for Euler. Possible higher compensation rate is reasonable as it is the first ever grant proposal that should pave attract more contributors.


Motivation: Upgrade should raise efficiency and convenience of the protocol.


Motivation: Chainlink is proved to be a more secure oracle. Amendments to the interest rate model should increase the attractiveness of the stETH market.


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