[RFC] Bankless Academy: Lending and borrowing lesson ft. Euler.finance

Hi Euler community, here’s a quick summary on what we’ve learned from our temperature check and our thoughts for moving forward.

There are two platform changes that indicate we should wait before beginning production:

  1. Euler has large UI updates planned for release over the next few months.
  2. Euler is currently not live on Ethereum L2, which would throttle user quest completions/badge claims.

We also believe the conversation has shown that Euler and Bankless Academy should work together to come up with a disbursement plan, including:

  • allocation of initial funding vs. KPI-based unlocks,
  • a breakdown of what parts of that should be in stablecoins vs. (potentially vested) EUL tokens.

We’ve also reduced our overall ask to $35,000 based on a 2yr sponsorship + upkeep term (more info above).

The Academy squad will stay in touch and look to publish its grant proposal when there is more clarity on how our production timeline can line up with Euler’s UI updates and L2 support, and if we can potentially help with marketing these launches! Thanks for all of your comments, talk soon.