Update on Foundation Governance

From: The Euler Foundation
To: The Euler Community

This note is to brief the community on a few contractual engagements and transparency efforts.

The Euler Foundation has recently retained the services of alisha.eth to facilitate governance for the EulerDAO. The Foundation, with the assistance of Alisha and Autonomous Ltd, will soon launch the euler.foundation domain as a one-stop portal for anything related to Euler governance. The longstanding goal is to set a new standard for community engagement and transparency. Though that endeavour was interrupted in the aftermath of the attack on Euler last year, it is a principal focus for the Foundation in 2024. Please note that the formal contractual agreement with StableLab concluded in 2023, but their continued contributions to and participation in Euler governance is always welcome.

Furthermore, the Foundation is partway through a two-year contractual engagement with Euler Labs, covering intellectual property, development, and services related to the products associated with the Euler Protocol. We understand that Euler Labs will soon propose a new engagement with the foundation, covering new products and development, and ask the community to be attentive to forum.euler.finance to participate in the discussion.

Thank you,

The Euler Foundation

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