Undo blending of wstETH rate displays

The addition of the blended lending/staking yield in euler’s lending/borrowing positions does not make a ton of sense.

e.g. For some reason the wstETH blended rate for borrowers says “you earn 4%” and from that extrapolates that blended rate paid by wstETH borrowers is ~2%.

This isn’t actually the case, you are paying 6% in wstETH, the lender earns that 4%, not you.

On the other side, this 4% is also attributed to the lent position. This might make some sense if the blended rate was not applied to the borrowers…

But even then, I’d do the opposite of the current UI, and display the direct lending rate, and have the on-hover detail the staking rate as well.

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Hi! Thanks for pointing this out. I think this was a bug in the UI that has now been fixed. Either both should be “blended” as you say, or neither. Does what the site show now make sense?

hi doug, i checked the font end UI, it seems still mal-displayed. please check.

it is still very confusing, please make it more clear for the user.

Thanks for your feedback!

Normally on Euler, the APYs indicate the supply return or borrow cost, assuming no price changes over the following year. However, wstETH is special and this is what the blue Lido icon is supposed to represent. The wstETH rates include a price projection of wstETH/ETH increasing by 5.3% (in this case) over the next year.

Yes, I agree this can be confusing, but it’s a difficult UI challenge. What do you think it should show?

I think users know that wsteth is a revenue accumulation token, so it’s not necessary to show lido’s revenue here, otherwise it’s easy to misunderstand

Showing lido’s yield, subconsciously using ETH in the calculation

For what it’s worth, I agree with this. However, we had this before and many people were confused if they were earning/paying the staking yield, so it seems there’s no one way to display it that will satisfy everyone.