Add HAL push-in notification system on Euler

Author(s): @curiousjoe curiousjoe#6201.

Date: 2022/07/11


HAL allows protocols and DAOs to better engage their audience with on-chain events push notifications. EulerDAO can increase user activity while delivering a new tool to curb risks through the use of push notifications. And all Euler users can be notified about their Health Factor status.

This proposal aims to integrate HAL’s notification platform as part the Euler front-end.


It’s vital for Euler users to gain new methods to safeguard and monitor risks, liquidations, and changes to their assets. Adding HAL into the Euler UI will unlock additional level of protocol engagement and security for all Euler users.

Benefits for the Euler community

Euler users would gain largely from a notification system that would inform them of their health score status through a wide variety of platforms including Twitter, TG, Discord, Email, and more. Numerous other DeFi protocols have integrated with HAL and have seen positive feedback from the community, such as Aave, Bancor, MakerDAO, etc.) One example includes Bancor:

About HAL

HAL enables developers to connect their decentralized/centralized applications with blockchains in a matter of a minute with a SaaS solution, creating workflows from a web wizard or via APIs.

After HAL tool integrated on the Euler UI, users can create recipes (pre-made triggers focusing on a specific use case, with super-easy set up) on HAL. By doing so, users will be notified via Email, Discord, Slack, Telegram, Twitter, webhook if their Pool Health Factor is reaching a predefined threshold.

Examples of HAL integrations can be found at the following link, Aave’s health factor integration: Solutions | HAL

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I am a fan of HAL personally and I think this makes a lot of sense. +1

Users would highly benefit from this proposal :grin: also +1

I think this is a great idea +1

Agree with the proposal