Messari Governance Alerts for the Euler Community


My name is Ryan, and I am a governance analyst at Messari! Today we’re happy to announce that:

  • We just launched our governance alerts for both off and on chain votes AND forum discussions available for 100+ DAOs!

  • As part of our partnership with Lens Protocol, you are now eligible for a handle to use the upcoming integrations!

Governance Alerts:

In addition to the free coverage of proposals (for all users), our Pro & Enterprise users can now set up real-time Daily or Weekly digests for the DAOs they want to track and see the Gov Alert emails.

Where can you use it?

We’ve also set up a special 15% pro-tier discount code exclusively for the community, making it more accessible for you to try out our services: EULER.

Lens Handle:

@euler_mab, If you would like to set up a Lens profile for Euler, we would be happy to pass along the following info to the Lens team:

  • EVM-compatible wallet address.
  • An associated email address.
  • Your social media links.

Enjoy and feel free to share it with your community!