Euler DAO Community Call Notes

This thread will be used to post notes from each Euler DAO Community call

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Euler Dao Community Call Notes March 7th, 2023

Multichain deployment

  • Should we standardize the deployment proposal process
  • Discussed how to decide the order of deployments
  • Should we batch deployment votes

Grants programs

  • What criteria should be used to choose domain allocators?

Voting Gamification

  • How to prevent gaming of the temp check process
  • Who should be able to vote on temp checks?
  • Should we use a poap or something similar?
  • Decided to require temp check voters to be level 2 on the forum
  • A new proposal will be created to outline the requirements for level 2

Gov Process

  • How people are adjusting to the new process implemented with eIP 45
  • How to ensure the process is followed
  • Active delegate front-end implementation will be completed soon
  • DAO members looking to get their proposals submitted to Snapshot can contact delegates in discord if they don’t have sufficient EUL holdings.