Euler Wind-Down: Make dTokens and eTokens transferable & set Euler Claims admin key to null address

With Euler Finance & it’s previous iteration essentially over, it is important to finish the clean-up phase. Regardless of whether Euler plans to attempt a re-brand and re-launch in the future, pivot in a new direction or wind down and distribute its Treasury to EUL token holders, it is important to first close-out the previous chapter from the unfortunate exploit and controversial redistribution plan. I apologize if this has been discussed in the Discord, however I was banned from the discord channel due to my criticisms of the team, so I am not privy to those discussions.

I propose 3 steps:

  1. Set Euler Claims contract to null address. Currently it is controlled by the Euler Deployer and can be potentially drained by the multi-sig. Unless the plan is to confiscate unclaimed funds after a certain period of time (which should then be published and advertised on here, twitter, Instagram, and Discord), then this address should be set to a null address (0x00).

  2. Continue working with smart contract owners to manually reimburse them and their users. This will likely be a months long task.

  3. Make all Euler dTokens and eTokens transferable, before the end of 2023, so users can send them to the burn address for tax purposes and clarity.