Open discussion:Should Euler ban smart-contract from claiming tokens?

(This is an open discussion)
Should Euler ban smart-contract from claiming tokens? My idea is that if smart-contract is allowed to claim tokens, it may lead to an unfair situation like when OP claimed tokens,So what do you think about it guys ?

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Hey @Mr.Wang! Thanks for your input.

Actually, we’ve been thinking about ways to mitigate risks of sybil attacks and distributing the tokens to genuine users only, but we think that banning smart contracts is not the way to go.

Note that Euler protocol is used by people and institutions using smart contract wallets i.e. Gnosis Safe and it would be detrimental to cut them off. Hence, I believe that you’re recommending banning smart contracts for initial distribution only. However, the initial distribution of EUL tokens is tightly coupled with liquidity mining (tokens from initial distribution and mined until token launch will be available at once) and it’s not an easy task to distinguish between genuine and malicious smart contract users.

Having said that, note that the initial distribution on Euler accounts only for 1% of the total supply. If I remember correctly, in case of Optimism it was 19%. Personally, I think that there’s not much harm that can be done to the protocol.


Thank you very much for your answer sir, now I totally agree with you :grin:

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