How do I withdraw directly my funds from the smartcontract. Why is the website not working?

Hi there. I know there was an exploit. I know most pools are drained but the isolated ones are still intact. Now explain to me why we cant withdraw and why there is no way to directly interact with the smart contracts.

with all this power you have over a “defi” protocol you kinda made the entire thing pointless. TRUSTLESS DECENTRALIZED. I dont think you guys know what this means. Exploit ok. But preventing people from withdrawing their funds? Well I learned my lesson with you. I skimped on my research a litte bit. And damn was that expensive.

Had I known you could prevent me from withdrawing I would never have invested a single cent. Let the people withdraw their funds ffs…

Dude, the current implementation has a security breach, if they allowed anyone to do anything they would be putting your funds at risk.

They will eventually allow isolated pools to withdraw I’d expect. In a time of distress try not to have the lowest IQ take of them all.

Euler has a great and reputable team, they are probably doing everything they can for you (us) to get our money back. Be a little bit patient.

this is actually really messed up, i feel for investors still knee deep with euler finance. :disappointed_relieved:

Were you able to withdraw your assets in the end? Or is the situation unchanged?