Promote SSV to Isolated Tier

Simple Summary
Proposal includes promote SSV Token on Euler.

This is a proposal to promote SSV to the isolated tier on Euler, enable Euler users to borrow and lend SSV. As ETH is merging to POW, staking validator’s demand will increase to a higher level.


1. What is the link between the eIP author and the asset?


2. Provide a brief description of the asset is a fully decentralized, open-source ETH staking network, based on Secret Shared Validator (SSV) technology. SSV is also known as DVT, or Distributed Validator Technology, as it provides an open and simple infrastructure for splitting and distributing a validator key into multiple KeyShares, for the purpose of running an Ethereum validator across multiple non-trusting nodes. Running an Ethereum validator on achieves active-active redundancy, introduces new levels of validator key security, and benefits the Ethereum network, staking pools, staking services and solo stakers.

3. How is the asset primarily used?

$SSV’s main use cases are payments and governance.
Payments- serve as a way for stakers to compensate operators for managing their validators
Governance - a way to participate in related decision-making and treasury allocations.

4. Explain why the eIP would benefit Euler’s ecosystem?

Since SSV is a payment token for stakers to compensate operators, which means all SSV network users need SSV’s to work in the network.

5. Where does the asset trade?
SSV can be traded in Binance and UniSwap V3.

6. What are the volumes and market capitalisation?

Market capitalisation is $150 million with $8 million traded in the last 24h.

7. What is the liquidity like in the Uniswap V3 liquidity pool versus ETH?
TVL: 841.30k
24H Volume: $126.56k

Hey @mocayyyyy!
I have good news for you! Any asset that is activated on Euler, receives isolated tier by default. As SSV was activated a few days ago, users can already deposit and borrow SSV token. Also, as you can see, it has solid liquidity, which means that there’s relatively low risk of the TWAP oracle manipulation.

Kindly check out the market page: