RFC: Selection Process for Domain Allocators


Title: [RFC] Selection Process for Domain Allocators

Author: ruchil

Submission date: 16/02/2023

Reference: Delegated Domain Allocation by Questbook

With reference to RFC : Delegated Domain Allocation by Questbook, we propose the following process for selecting domain allocators for the following domains:

  1. Developer Tooling
  2. Multichain and Crosschain Strategy
  3. New Protocol Ideas
  4. Content Marketing and New User Acquisition

To be considered a candidate for a domain allocator for any of the above-listed domains, we invite community members to self-nominate themselves by replying to this RFC and sharing the following details in their replies:

  1. Preferred Domain
  2. Relevant Experience
  • What is your experience in the interested domain?
  1. Proposal Evaluation
  • What are the domain-specific rubrics that you will use for evaluating the proposals for the interested domain?
  1. Time commitment
  • How much time are you willing to commit to this role?
  • What is the expected Turn Around Time (TAT) that the builders can expect from you?

We welcome comments from all the community members after which the domain allocator for each domain will be selected via a community-wide Snapshot vote.

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Thanks for this Ruchil and we look forward to the snapshot vote and grants program’s initiation. Below is our application for Juanbug from Penn Blockchain (FranklinDAO Governance Lead).

Preferred Domain: Multichain and Crosschain Strategy

Relevant Experience: We are currently also delegates for other protocols like Uniswap, Aave, and Compound. Over the last 2 years of being a delegate, we have been very involved with discussing and proposing different protocol’s cross chain strategies. For example, we have helped Uniswap v3 deploy crosschain to zkSync, Boba, Kava as well as been active contributing to many of the recent discussions surrounding the Wormhole vs LayerZero Bridge and the Bridging Accountability Committee. Last year, we published a months long research project covering how to reinvigorate Uniswap’s governance, highlighting pieces surrounding cross chain strategy, and gave our follow up recommendations here. Other protocols have also started to tackle this question of Crosschain/Multichain strategy and we have helped out as well. On Aave, we helped the Launch Aave on Celo proposal, and have worked with firms like Certora to help establish them as a service provider that analyzes many of these multi chain smart contracts. Additionally, on Compound, we were the first team to submit a crosschain deployment of Compound III Comet, helping propose the deployment onto Optimism, along with Arbitrum, Fantom, BNB, and a few other deployments in drafts! Currently, the team at Penn Blockchain is working on a cross chain governance research project with the LayerZero team, as well as with prominent bridges on a Multi-Message-Aggregate (MMA) solution for Uniswap’s cross chain messaging problem. I believe we have been one of the most primed members in the defi ecosystem to take on this role and would love your support!

Proposal Evaluation: When evaluating proposals, we will look for proposals that support crosschain deployment (starting off with EVM chains) as well as facilitating different cross chain strategies. We will evaluate proposals based on clear goals and value add for Euler. We’ll be sure to consider the teams and past work to look for strong candidates to take on grants. Each grant we allocate will have milestones and checkpoints for funding and periodic checkins.

Time Commitment: Ready to commit as much time as needed to efficiently and productively administer this domain. This could be upwards of 20 hours a week if needed, and the goal for turn around time will be 2 days.

We are excited to get more involved with the Euler community and think this is a great way to apply some of our past experiences. We’d love to elaborate on any of these points and look forward to the other proposals!


Thank you @ruchil initiating this process. On behalf of DAOStewards, I would like to express my interest in being a domain allocator.

  1. Preferred Domain

Content Marketing and New User Acquisition

  1. Relevant Experience

I have been leading a multi-lingual content production and marketing project in BanklessDAO for 1+year. We produce 60+ content pieces each month including videos, newsletters and podcasts with an average of 16,000 views each month in a total of 15 languages. This as resulted in the DAO receiving contributors from around the world and recently choose to adopt UTC as it’s official time. Additionally, I have also been part of the Grants Committiee where I have evaluated various content production and marketing subprojects within the DAO which combine produce over 200K views each month. Finally, as a core contributor to BanklessDAO I have the ability to tap into a talented network of marketeers and content producers for any assistance that maybe required

  1. Proposal Evaluation

Content marketing:

There are two ways of looking at this and an optimal strategy involves balancing both

a. Number of content pieces per [native token]: This is the cost of production and it will vary depending on contributor background and quality of content.

b. Views per [native token]: This is an absolute measure of return on investment. If a number of projects are being funded, this metric helps us identify the optimal ones

New User Acquisition:

Today it is difficult to set up analytics from content to deposit, however we can infer this based on time+cost of a campaign and the corresponding onchain activity. Number of new deposits over campaign duration is a good way to measure this performance.

Token incentives is another way to possibly acquire new users, however if structured incorrectly the strategy risks attracting mercenary users. A possible metric to measure the success of this strategy can be: [TVL after incentives - TVL before incentives] / [USD value of Rewards]

  1. Time commitment
  • How much time are you willing to commit to this role?

As much as needed but I do not work on weekends except in case of emergencies

  • What is the expected Turn Around Time (TAT) that the builders can expect from you?

24 hours for initial comments/feedback, except for proposals posted on fridays
24 hours for final decision post feedback implementation, except for proposals posted on fridays


As it was mentioned here Grant Proposal 9 : Delegated Domain Allocation by Questbook - #11 by patria
Candidates have to inform if they are already involved in paid roles in other DAOs, because it creates conflict of interests.


Would second Nikita’s comments.

I think full disclosure of paid roles that may cause conflicts of interest should be in order from all parties.


I would like to disclose that I work as a project manager in BanklessDAO in the project listed above as well as PMing another project related to co-organising crypto events and partnerships around the world

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Would like to add that personally, are in no paid conflicts if interests but the club as a whole is a delegate for Maker and they have a Recognized Delegate Program.

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Potential conflict of interest: I am currently the protocol ideas and dapps domain allocator for Compound Grant Program 2.0 (CGP). This status enhances my qualifications but also could be reasonably viewed as a conflict of interest.

For what it’s worth, I am active in both DAOs and do not see lending markets on EVMs as a zero-sum game. Euler and Compound are both going multi-chain, but they are on different paths with different strengths, use cases, and product-market fits both today and on the horizon.

  1. Preferred Domain: New Protocol Ideas

  2. Relevant Experience:

  • I am an active Euler delegate

  • I am currently a domain allocator for the Protocol Ideas and Dapps domain for CGP, which is also run through Questbook.

  • For evidence of the quality of my work, I encourage the community to explore the public communication streams and formal reviews posted in my CGP domain.

  • I am very familiar with Questbook’s grants management tooling, saving the DAO a bit of upfront cost in time spent onboarding allocators to the tool.

  • Outside of my work for CGP,
    – I have 10 years’ experience with competitive technical grant-writing, peer review, and post-award management as a researcher in the physical sciences, including government-sourced and private foundation funding.
    – I have been on the other side of the DAO grants table as a recipient of a CGP 1.0 grant for analytics of early users of the Compound protocol, requiring a deep dive into lending market contracts and protocol math that informs my understanding of the challenges, risks, and opportunities facing Euler.

  1. Proposal Evaluation

What are the domain-specific rubrics that you will use for evaluating the proposals for the interested domain?

Informed by my experience with CGP 2.0, I recommend the following six review criteria for proposals in this domain:

  • Evidence of team’s experience
  • Novelty and quality of the idea
  • Relevance to the Euler ecosystem
  • Completeness of the plan
  • Feasibility of goals and timeline
  • Suitability of budget

Currently, suitability of the budget is wrapped into the feasibility category in my analysis of proposals for CGP, but my experience with CGP suggests that these should be independent categories of evaluation.

  1. Time commitment

How much time are you willing to commit to this role?

I can comfortably commit 8 hours/week to this role, with the possibility of flexing this up to 16 hours/week on an as-needed basis. I acknowledge this is lower than preferable; I would be open to partnering up with someone to cover this domain if there is another well-qualified applicant who is similarly time-constrained.

What is the expected Turn Around Time (TAT) that the builders can expect from you?

I aim for 48-hour TAT on all direct communications from proposers and other domain allocators. My median TAT on direct communications as a domain allocator for CGP is less than 24 hours. TAT from proposal submission to first decision is more nuanced and can vary significantly with factors such as time of proposal submission relative to other proposals; amount of background research needed to verify important claims in proposals; whether cross-domain communication with allocators is necessary; and other factors.


Preferred Domain: Content Marketing and New User Acquisition

Relevant Experience: I have been serving as Community-Mod for the EulerLabs discord server since February 2022. Since then I have been constantly helping new users to get familiar with the Euler protocol and the EulerDAO. I was mentoring the E-points programme (in force before the launch of the DAO) aimed at spreading the word about Euler protocol and attracting new users.

Proposal Evaluation:

  1. Relevance and necessity. I am going to focus on educational content that highlights Euler’s leading features, for example liquidation mechanisms, flash loans etc.
  2. Alignment with DAO. Proposals should support the EulerDAO’s mission, vision, and values. I plan to ask opinions from the DAO members and the Euler-Labs team.
  3. Budget. Proposals should be cost-effective and provide a good return on investment.
  4. Measurable results. It is good if a proposal is measurable, with clear goals and KPIs established.

PS. The list is not final and can be adjusted based on the content of proposals.

Time commitment:

I am ready to spend as much time as needed to ensure proper evaluation of proposals and administration of the domain.

As for Turn Around Time (TAT), I can guarantee 24 hours for comments/feedback, except for force majeure situations. The final decision TAT is hard to predict as the final decision requires time for discussion with a grant seeker, but is likely to be made no later than 1 week after a proposal is presented.

Conflict of interest:

I testify that I have no connections to any of the developers registered within the Questbook ecosystem nor am involved in or am a member of the Euler competitors grants programme or any other paid or representative position.

If such conflict of interest occurs during my term of office I will immediately notify the DAO.