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Name: StableLab

Delegate Address: stablelab.eth

Governance tracking: Boardroom, Internal tracker

Forum: @Matt_StableLab

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Languages: English, Spanish, German, Dutch, Romanian, Korean, Chinese


StableLab is a governance firm focused on professional delegation, DAO framework design and product development. We work with various projects, from the ones just starting their journey to decentralization to the most prominent DeFi protocols.

Our systematic framework for DAOs covers governance methodologies, decentralized workforce, implementation, documentation, communication and community engagement. There is no one-size-fits-all approach, but we provide a framework of principles and tools we have developed throughout our experience.

We scale DAOs sustainably.


We are the leading professional delegate team with a track record across major DeFi protocols, including MakerDAO, Optimism, Aave, 1inch, Balancer, Element, InstaDapp, Hop and more.

We pioneer delegation work through high governance standards, extensive research, hands-on expertise and the consistent use of a code of conduct. Pushing forward web3 and DeFi since 2018, StableLab’s co-founders previously spent 3.5 years at the Maker Foundation.

Governance delegates and roles currently (or previously held by StableLab).

View all our proposals, votes and milestones at /governance.



  1. Active: We participate in every aspect of the governance process, from creating and presenting proposals to providing feedback in the forums and actively voting.
  2. Research: Our decisions are backed by a team of experienced researchers and PhDs.
  3. Trust: We act unbiased and transparent, according to our code of conduct - driven by a strong set of ethics and values.


  • Use values to guide actions.
  • Maintain impartiality and transparency in participation.
  • Rely on data, research and prior expertise for proposals and votes.
  • Apply battle-tested internal policies for consistency.
  • Consult with the team for quality outcomes.


Euler is focused on bringing exciting innovations to the DeFi borrowing and lending space. We chose to be delegates for Euler to support the future of democratizing the assets people can lend and borrow. With reliable governance, Euler will be able to scale sustainably. We choose to play a key role in turning Euler’s vision into reality.


Through our holding company, we have invested in multiple projects to advance growth and governance for them. See the full list here.

We contribute to various protocols’ governance, such as MakerDAO, Optimism, Aave, 1inch, Balancer, and Element. See the full list here.

When applicable, we will disclose potential conflicts of interest in our rationale.


By delegating to StableLab, you acknowledge and agree that StableLab participates on a best efforts basis and StableLab will not be liable for any form of damages related to StableLab’s participation in governance.

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Proposal: Upgrading to ChainLink Oracles for several Markets

Vote: Yes

Rationale: We support upgrading to Chainlink oracles for all the markets mentioned as this ensures secure and reliable price feeds. With the low liquidity in these markets’ Eth pairs on Uniswap V3, it is important to upgrade to chainlink price feeds to prevent oracle attacks and maintain the safety of Euler.

Proposal: Fast track eIP #31: Move WBTC oracle to an explicit WBTC Chainlink Oracle

Vote: Yes

Rationale: We support moving to an explicit WBTC Chainlink Oracle as there are some concerns about the de-pegging of WBTC to BTC. Even if this event is unlikely it is better to be cautious and take this action now to prevent a disaster in the future. This also ensures the most accurate price data which is always beneficial to have.

Proposal: eIP 32: Delegate Optimisations in Governance

Vote: Yes

Rationale: We support this proposal because it incentivizes delegates to be more active without making it too difficult to become a delegate. This will help strengthen the community.

Proposal: eIP 33. SAFE Airdrop Claim and Delegation

Vote: No

Rationale: We believe this proposal should be reformatted to include all candidates to ensure the SAFE airdrop is claimed.

Proposal: eIP 34: Change OHM oracle to Chainlink and set up market parameters

Vote: Yes

Rationale: The Chainlink oracle and new market parameters will help bring security and efficiency to the OHM market and allow it to exist on Euler.

Proposal: EIP 35: Claiming SAFE Airdrop

Vote: Yes

Rationale: Claiming the SAFE airdrop is important as it will allow Euler to have a say in the tool Euler uses to hold their treasury. We support claiming now and delegating later.

Proposal: eIP 36 Fast track - Module updates

Vote: Yes

Rationale: It is important to fix this bug quickly. We support this fast-tracked proposal to ensure Euler’s safety in a timely manner.

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Proposal: Encode Club Grant Proposal

Vote: Yes

Rationale: Given Encode’s history with Euler and willingness to run this program at no cost, we think this is a great way to grow the Euler community.

Proposal: eIP 38 Delegate Optimisations in Governance: 2 - Recognised Delegates

Vote: Yes

Rationale: This is a good first step to help incentivize delegates and strengthen the Euler community. However, we would like to see this program modified in the future to become more permissionless.

Proposal: eIP 39: Promote LUSD to Cross Tier

Vote: Yes

Rationale: The risk analysis shows that LUSD is safe enough to move to cross-tier. This improves the capital efficiency of the LUSD market on Euler and brings in more borrowers/lenders.

Proposal: eIP 40: Schedule rolling monthly oracle change discussions & votes

Vote: Yes

Rationale: A consistent schedule will help to keep voter attention and make the forums cleaner. However, it is important to keep a consistent watch over the oracles in case one needs to be changed quickly before the next monthly vote.

Proposal: eIP41: increase-borrow-factors-for-ldo-rai-mim-frax-comp-aave-snx-bal-busd-crv-1inch-yfi-snx

Vote: Yes

Rationale: Increasing the borrow factors should boost activity for these assets without becoming too risky or endangering the protocol.

Proposal: eIP 43 : Allow “abstain” vote

Vote: Yes

Rationale: It is important to allow an abstain option when there is a conflict of interest. Especially with the addition of the active delegate program requiring high voting percentage.

Proposal: eIP 44: Fast-track - Convert FTT reserves to ETH

Vote: no

Rationale: We support this idea but think it sets a bad precedent to fast-track it as it is not an emergency. We would like to see this proposal go through the traditional governance process.

Proposal: eIP 42 Delegating SAFE Airdrop

Vote: abstain

Rationale: As one of the delegates vying for the SAFE delegation we will abstain from this proposal.

Proposal: eIP 45 : Formalising Governance Processes

Vote: Yes

Rationale: Makes governance process clear. Fast-track process needs to be improved in the future but a good start at standardizing Euler governance.

Proposal: eIP46: Increase default borrow factor to 0.5 from 0.28

Vote: Yes

Rationale: Encourages long-tail assets borrowing and could attract more users. Adds risks to lenders but does not add significant risk to the protocol

Proposal: eIP 47 Promote rETH to collateral tier contingent on chainlink deploying a proper oracle

Vote: Yes

Rationale: rETH is worthy of collateral tier with sufficient liquidity and low slippage. This will add another LSD to Euler and attract new users.

Proposal: eIP48: January Oracle Change. Change ENJ and KP3R oracle to Chainlink

Vote: Yes

Rationale: Chainlink oracles for longtail assets provide safety to Euler and should be used when available.

Proposal: RFC: Deploy Euler to BNB Chain

Vote: No

Rationale: BNB chain could bring new users but we vote no due to the lack of a clear plan for deployment and no current system for evaluating new chains.

Proposal: eIP 50: Increase Snapshot Quorum

Vote: Yes

Rationale: This will ensure more voting power is used and improve the safety of Euler’s governance

Proposal: eIP 51 Update EUL Distribution Scheme to incentivize ETH deposits

Vote: Yes

Rationale: We believe this is a better distribution of rewards that will encourage more activity on Euler.

Proposal: Grant Proposal 7: Anthias x Euler Alert System Grant Proposal

Vote: Abstain

Rationale: We Abstained from this proposal

Proposal: [Fast track] Grant Proposal 8: Pause all grants until the Questbook proposal is voted on.

Vote: No

Rationale: This proposal does not follow the rules of the DAOs fast track process and should be removed immediately

Proposal: Grant Proposal 8 Warden Finance Risk & Tooling Engagement

Vote: Yes

Rationale: Warden has provided great tooling and insights to Euler. They are a valued contributor to the dao.

Proposal: eIP 52 Update the IRM models for wstETH, cbETH & rETH

Vote: Yes

Rationale: This Will increase the efficiency of these markets and encourage more usage on Euler

Proposal: eIP 53 Set FRAX IRM to Stablecoin and Reduce its Reserve Fee

Vote: Yes

Rationale: Frax would remain an isolated asset. Therefore these changes could increase usage and earn Euler more in fees without extra risk to the DAO.

Proposal: Grant Proposal 9: Delegated Domain Allocation by Questbook

Vote: Abstain

Rationale: We Abstained from this proposal